Site area / 563.53㎡
Building area / 244.32㎡
Total floor / 1972.99㎡
Structure / RC structure
Main use / apartment
Photo / 鳥村鋼一


Studded with windows, this pentagonal multi-family dwelling is a friendly presence to a residential townscape dense with low- to mid-rises. The brief called for a height to contain a specified volume; so, to maintain the neighborhood’s living environment that could otherwise be enveloped in shadow, the pentagonal volume with a minimum footprint was selected. Carving out an on-site open area, the volume permits the wind and view to pass through from one end of the site to the other while keeping a distance from adjoining sites. The pentagonal shape served well for arranging each apartment to fan out toward each corner, inserting communal spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens (where possible) between radial core walls. The building’s five sides constitute a structural tube supported by a seemingly random grid of ribs. These ribs, protruded inside, mount differently-sized windows and provide benches, counters, and storage. By studying the relationship between windows and daily activities, a vision of various windows choreographed on the skin emerged, dissipating the image of the building’s appearance being linked to each unit. These windows represent a collection of life scenes by the window – looking outside, dining, and placing favorite objects. The underpinning is an idea that the windows reflecting occupants’ personalities will enliven the townscape – the idea that is also the capstone of the amiable design adding to the towns’ scenery.

「GA JAPAN 84」「新建築2008年2月号」「ABITARE485」(ITALY)掲載