Site area / 563.53㎡
Building area / 244.32㎡
Total floor / 1972.99㎡
Structure / RC structure
Main use / apartment
Photo / 鳥村鋼一


This is a housing complex which stands on a high density residential quarter. It is a pentagonal shaped tower, and the floor plan is made compact as possible. The shape is adopted to suppress the influence of shadows on surrounding houses, and keep continuity with ambient surroundings by the remaining unoccupied site area. The rooms are opened equally to all azimuths, by installing common area, kitchen and sanitary unit inside the radially arranged structure core. The tube structure with lattice rib frame is adapted to the perimeter wall of the building, and the horizontal rib frames inside the rooms are assumed for the uses of benches, tables, cabinets and etc. In this residence, it is intended to create freeness and openness, where one can fi nd happiness of living by taking in many scenes of this dense city through different windows, and search for comfortable place, co-responding to the surrounding environment. And it is thought that accumulation of various daily conducts decorates the richness of attractive city scenery in return.