FLEG Daikanyama / FLEG 代官山

Site area / 280.69㎡
Building area / 213.64㎡
Total floor / 2247.81㎡
Structure / S structure
Main use / offi ce,shop
Photo / ナカサアンドパートナーズ、小川重雄


The site is in a residential area, entering an alley from the nearby commercial area. It was a theme to make a commercial building applying to the existing overcrowded residential environment. Two white concrete walls were built on the north and south side to cutout the street scenery. The open space was created in the site's full width, facing the alley. In the public street level, a solid geometric plaza was created, an approach area accessible to each tenant floor. On above, where the place is more private, the green beams with moss on top were installed to make a buffer that ties the residential region and the commercial space. The green beams installed in the sky above the open space have ambiguous characteristics. The first is the affinity that people generally have on vegetation. On the other hand, this green moss detached from the ground gives a new sense of perception to the urban fabric and the sky. The vegetation hanging in mid-air stirs up imaginations and sensuality. This poetic scenery created by the green beam awakens the sensibility of people, and supports the creativity of the "external" space in between the two white walls.