FLEG Daikanyama

Site area / 481.84㎡
Building area / 288.87㎡
Total floor / 769.39㎡
Structure / RC structure
Main use / office,shop
Photo / ナカサアンドパートナーズ、小川重雄


The challenge was to build a commercial property in a dense residential area (near a business district), mediating between the property’s commercial and the area’s residential dispositions. With the white walls on the north and south shutting out the adjacent views of apartment houses, the building is open toward the east and west. The façade is an entry plaza, realized by taking advantage of the 60% building-to-land ratio imposed on the plot, which required 40% of the plot to be open. Posing as a public domain, the façade consists of stairway passages leading into each tenant space on different floors. The midair above the passages is defined by green planters, a buffer zone between commercial and residential. Viewed from inside, the façade and midair area constitutes tenants’ common space connecting to the city. Imagining the use of the outside space is simply enjoyable and potentially extends the interior activities into the city. When implemented, the imagination will make the façade more appealing as a plaza that arrests the attention of passersby and the local community. A study of mediation, this project entailed the exploration of a communal outside space ambiguously belonging to both tenants and the wider community – a pursuit that continues in the architect’s further projects.

「GA JAPAN 73」「iA 01」「THE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW 2007/12(UK)」「TASARIM 2008/01(Turkey)」「ARCHITEKTURA 2008/05(Poland)」「GARDEN CITY」掲載