Wakanoura Art Cube / 和歌浦アートキューブ
Wakayama, WAKAYAMA

Site area / 3249.14㎡
Building area / 1064.18㎡
Total floor / 1528.87㎡
Structure / RC structure
Main use / hall,gallary,studio


A composition of rectilinear “cells,” this art center project – aiming to cultivate art and culture, enlivening the local community while rebuilding its almost forgotten identity – is a result of collaborative brainstorming with locals. To the northeast, where a view expands, is a performing arts hall “cell.” As the copper boards clad in a pleated glass skin rotate, separating into fins, the hall becomes open toward the north and east (belying the expectations to performing arts halls, which are typically concealed), infusing the interior space with light and a relaxed feel. This allows the space to flow outdoors, engaging the natural landscape with the stage background or extending a stage or audience seats onto the lawn abutting the facades. The hall “cell” is flanked by the gallery and studio “cells” arranged in an L shape, leaving the open, airy passage in between to stroll and perceive activities inside these galleries and studios. The passage is also used as an organically shaped courtyard for artists to come out of galleries and studios to interact with each other and with the community – reflecting a successful collaboration with locals.

「GA JAPAN62」「新建築2003年05月号」「日経アーキテクチャア2003年5-12号」「建築知識2003年10月号」「建築文化2003年10月号」「ディテール170」
「JA65 PARALLEL NIPPON」「ディテール07年3月号別冊」掲載