Wakanoura Art Cube / 和歌浦アートキューブ
Wakayama, WAKAYAMA

Site area / 3249.14㎡
Building area / 1064.18㎡
Total floor / 528.87㎡
Structure / RC structure
Main use / hall,gallary,studio


With a rental atelier and a compact hall as its main space, this art center is a new facility for creative activity of the region. Through supporting and encouraging young artists, rediscovery of cultural resources of the region and the reconstruction of the regional identity is aimed, in order to reactivate the community.
Compact and independent cube forms called "cells" are dispersed within the site. At the northeast corner, the cell with the hall function is placed, with 2 sides completely open. This space full of natural light gives an intimate atmosphere, and can be directed in various ways by taking in the surrounding scenery. The other cells are placed in an L shape formation surrounding the hall cell; planned so that people can either walk through and spend a moment there. Thus, wind and gazes penetrate this intimate open space, resembling a street corner, and the activities inside the ateliers can be sensed. It is supposed to be used as a court by the atelier users.